Are you looking for custom bake-on window tinting in Provo or Orem, UT? Look no further! We've been providing quality window tinting services to customers in and around Provo and Orem for years. With our professional installers and wide selection of window films to choose from, you will be assured to have the perfect look on your car, truck, or SUV.

Residential Window & Commercial Window Tinting

In addition to our automotive window tinting services we also install window films on flat glass in homes and businesses. Tinting the windows of your home or office is a great way to add privacy to a conference room, office or bathroom as well as add to the overall look of the building from the outside.

Window films also help to reduce your energy costs. Window tinting serves as an insulation aid to keep the inside heat from escaping during the cold winter months and it restricts the sunlight from beating through the windows when the air is on in the summer months.


If you've shopped around other stores (or if you plan to) before committing to a tint shop, keep in mind that we have over 30 years of experience installing window film on all sorts of vehicles and buildings. In addition, we are the originators of Bake-On Window Tinting. With credentials like that, it's easy to see why we are #1 in the Provo-Orem area. What is Bake-On Window Tinting?